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Domain Name Registration in Saudi Arabia

Like web Hosting, domain registration is even more sensitive service to acquire because upon loss of data or loosing hosting account, you may have it somewhere else and can gain all your accesses back but if the domain is not under your ownership and your provider is not trustable, you may face many difficulties so here we are to offer you domain registration facilities under a well reputed and most trusted company with 1000s of customers worldwide and in particular from Saudi Arabia and GCC States. In other words we can assure your all kind of domain relevant requirements, no matter how much complex kind of records you need against your web name, we are a responsible company that is why keep on alerting for renewal to avoid disability of your domain names, even we have the ability to transfer any domain with any worldly extension so if you are new just try us once.


Domain Transfer Saudi Arabia

Domain Name Transfer and Renewal

If you have already registered a domain with some other domain company and you are not satisfied with their services or they are charging more or you have hosting with us and also want to keep you web name with us, in any case contact us without hesitation, we are master in transferring domain, there would not be any headache, will firm everything with convenience and best effort by us in most affordable price. Moreover, upon transferring most of the domains get renewed for next 1 year, if you are an old client and current contain your web names with us, we will send you renewal notice via email so that you may renew them in time for avoiding website downtime though you may get it registered for multiple years at the same time.


.com.sa is Country Code Top Level Domain (ccTLD) for Kingdom of Saudi Arabia which is under authorization of SaudiNIC, this domain extension is best suitable for both businessmen or individual who want to explore the Saudi Arabian Market, one should keep this fact that a brand name with a particular extension is basically a trust building factor for the clients and new users who will arrive at your website so it is highly recommended to go with .com.sa domain name when your target audience is in Saudi Arabia. Moreover as per most popular search engines, it is always an extra point to have country based suffix when you are going to target a specific country with country relevant key phrases.

.com.sa domain registration

Facilities when you will register a domain

Like any top class domain company we offer number of web name space features which can be managed by us upon your request.


You can ask us any time for changing or updating your DNS Entries.

Name Servers

Provide us your hosting name server to set them up against your domain.


If you need to setup your custom name servers, we can help you in this.


We can change whois contact info upon a request if domain is registered with us.

Privacy Protection

Privacy Shield is a Paid Service and can be implimented on demand except few ext.


If you want to transfer your domain away, can ask us for domain to unlock.


While transferring your domain away, you always need it so ask us to have it.


If you want to setup an email forwording through domain side, it can be done.


It is possible to redirect a new domain on old one with getting hosting account.


We guarantee you the top level of domain registration and managing support.