TERMS AND CONDITIONS for Saudi Arabia Hosting


All vps and dedicated servers are being provisioned through 3rd party datacenters so once bought, it is not possible to get a refund for them. It is why we ask clients for all the information they need. Our team will do their best present the answer of queries. Moreover, we will provide you exactly what is listed in packages. All TOS imposed by third party providers must be imposed on all client who will buy Dedicated and Virtual Servers.

  • 1. We do not have refund policy for Dedicated and VPS Servers.
  • 2. Overage bandwidth will be charged as per provider per gb rates, you may ask for extra bandwidth charges to include it in your default plan.
  • 3. We don't vouch for any pricing changes /stability as prices varies on DC infrastructure.
  • 4. After making payment full verification (KYC) will be required if end user found culprit ( or perform any illegal activities on our server), you must have to provide the KYC documents of the user and have to cooperate completely.
    Note: We do not allow any spamming and phishing or any other illegal activities on our server if found so server will be suspended without prior notice for first time and for second time service will be terminated without any refund.
  • 5. For finance related services we are not responsible for any kind of loss due to network or hardware failure as we do not have any Refund policy.
  • 6. VPS Servers will be delivered within 1-24 hours whereas dedicated server delivery can take from 1-7days - In case of stock available. In case of out of stock situation there is no any certain time frame is available, as it depends on hardware & resources availability.


KSA Hosting enforces the legitimacy of data stored on our infrastructure, it must be legit and should not perform any of the below abusive actions / practices:

  • Spamming
  • Third party content
  • Scamming Website
  • Hacked & Pirated software related websites
  • Adult Material
  • Backups on Server.
  • Nulled scripts
  • Copyright material
  • illegal Material
  • Contents for promoting any religion and sect
  • DOS, DDoS or Brute Force Attacks
  • 1. After registration of an account payment would be refundable within 07 days which does mean that your services must be terminated within 07 days, and also for a successful cancellation, one has to present the exact reason of inconvenience like if there we did not provide committed / listed services. After passing duration of 07 days, there would be no refund at all.
  • 2. There is no any refund on renewals and transfers at all.
  • 3. There is no any refund if there would be any issue in the website of client and there would be no issue relevant to hosting side (Usually it happened when once website consumes more resources due to not optimized website or databases.)
  • 4. Domain registration and setup charges are not refundable.
  • 5. Account can be suspended even in the first month of registration and no refund would be admissible in the condition if some one found doing violation of company terms.
  • 6. Whenever one will order for up-gradation of his/her web hosting package, he/she will pay USD.9 (for 1 time) as setup charges including the difference of price in between packages.
  • 7. Transfer charges of hosting from one server to another would be USD.9.
  • 8. We usually do not change the hosting once created but in few cases it can be but for that one must have to pay USD.9 as setup charges, renewal date for that hosting will remain as the hosting created before.
  • 9. You are advised to save your backups time to time on your local systems to save yourself of being victimized by any serious damages because we cannot provide / assure you backups in case of any data loss or account deletion. In this regard we would not be responsible for any mishap as we advised you again to save your backups on your part.
  • 10. You cannot keep backups on server, best practice is to download on your local system. created backups on server will be deleted after 7 days of creation so download them before deletion.
  • 11. Account creation and sending details can take a time from 30 minutes to 24hrs after the conformation of payment.
  • 12. We can create account only after the conformation of payment.
  • 13. We have configured our servers with maximum renowned and necessary components and extensions which used for running most of the windows and linux application so we do not offer any custom configuration in that case we recommend you to have a VPS or a dedicated server.
  • 14. To save yourself from worry about the disconnection you must renew your package before a week from expiry date.
  • 15. No one can claim about the backup or hosting data after the expiry of package, it depend upon the wish of company whether it could provide or not.
  • 16. If one is not satisfied with the services and want to get refund before the end of first 07 days, we will issue refund but setup charges as USD.9 would be deducted along with the cost of the domain if registered through us, one must keep this fact again that there must be presented a solid reason of inconvenience, in case of any issue raised not from hosting side, there would not be any refund. After satisfaction and finalizing if an account is refundable, setup charges and domain charges would be deducted and domain panel and authorization code would be delivered to the client and the remaining amount would be refunded.
  • 17. You can use 100MB maximum space for your databases in all of our packages, if you need more than 100MB space, you will pay USD.10/100mb extra space.
  • 18. There are no refund for the payment paid for renewal of services or upgradation of packages at all.
  • 19. As a universal practice, our support team tried to respond any query or question as soon as possible but about 99% queries are replied with in 24 hours.
  • 20. We Provide Shared Hosting, VPS Hosting, Reseller Hosting and dedicated hosting to our customers, we gain these services from different data-centers throughout the world, so any terms enforced by Data-Centers will be automatically enforced on any user who bought web hosting from us.
  • 21. In case one wishes to move hosting from us to other provider whether hosting expiry period will remain, after moving or changing hosting, whole account/data on server will be removed. Though before expiry period, one can revert and can get fresh hosting account till the expiry date so one should backup their complete data before changing name server or moving to another provider.

KsaHosting reserved the rights to change its TOS at any time without any prior notification.