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Important Note: Clients who bought previous VPS plans other than mentioned below, as per prior notice will be charged for extra bandwidth on rate of USD 1.25 / 1GB.


Being the top website hosting provider in Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, we are offering the most advanced and trust ably reliable cloud VPS hosting services from this region of the world which includes our 10 years of experience of handling all kind of Host infrastructure. Initially, for the purpose of allowing worldwide subscribers to take benefits of this location, we are providing a single package for both windows and Linux based each but are in plan to offer more plans with the passage of time and as per the most demands by our clients. We are different from the other companies because we always kept to reliability of virtual solution and client satisfaction onto the maximum level. Not only has this but our expertise of this field made us quite comfortable to win the trust of new customers as well as the older to refer others and this what we think our success is. In the same way, we suggest you to have a deal with us for once because we are very sure that you will not bear with anyone else when you will have a ride with us.

VPS Hosting saudi Arabia


Well, we have designed feature-rich low cost VPS hosting plans for Saudi Arabia. we are pretty sure that you will found us comparatively lowest regarding hosting prices and best as hosting provider with a huge variety of selection and unique features. Gain business by selling your products and services to Saudi community upon deploying a jeddah or Riyadh based virtual private server in your low budget with dedicated access.

Storage RAM vCPU Bandwidth Monthly Price
V1 50 GB 2 GB 01 1TB - ∞ US$.44
V2 50 GB 4 GB 02 1TB - ∞ US$.79
V3 50 GB 8 GB 04 2TB - ∞ US$.159
V4 50 GB 16 GB 08 2TB - ∞ US$.219
V5 50 GB 32 GB 16 2TB - ∞ US$.368

Value Addition Includes

To work more conveniently, you may need plenty of other value added services or controls so you may have a look on below what we have for you.

  • Supermicro Servers
  • Full Access to Root User
  • Redundant Storage
  • Instant Cloud Provisioning
  • Free OS Re-Installations
  • 1TB to Unlimited Bandwidth Selection
  • Basic Support
  • Windows and Linux OS
  • Dedicated VPS Control

Dedicated Access

Have a dedicated control on your own nodes without any sharing for briliant level of management without interfarance of any third party.

Scalable Cloud

You may upgrade at any time if you bought the first plan and looking for more resources even you may ask us for customized resources.

Quickest Activation

You will find your cloud VPS server activated within about no time after the confirmation of order and payment because we are cloud specialist.


Kingdom of Saudi Arabia has great importance being a big country in middle east region with a good economy which has a great potential for investment and a good market for importing and exporting goods, specially to Gulf Cooperation Council based countries so to launch online marketing campaigns, it is recommended to obtain a hosting surface with a Saudi Arabian based IPv4 to get your website and apps loaded fast and with a trust of search engines specially the google which is now the biggest one to server online queries worldwide and as per their suggestions, web portal with a specific country’s IP work wonders as compared to the any other country IP for a specific targeted region.

Cloud VPS with Saudi Arabian IP

cloud VPS riyadh, Jeddah, Saudi Arabia

Top VPS Hosting from Datacenters in Jeddah and Riyadh

We are the pioneers in web hosting and data-center relevant services filed with an experience of about 10 years, keep on beating up with the hosting infrastructure technologies so initiated the concept of cloud website solution in Saudi Arabia as per the current era needs. Online visibility must be fast, secure, affordable and without any delay so we are trying to keep this dream true for a comprehensive success for those who want to earn from this market as well as for those who are the buyers and users with a better and top-rated online experience because we love to server in most economical price with best quality after sales support. Feel freedom to deploy your instance in multiple parts of Saudi stats as Jeddah and Riyadh, both datacenters are tier III certified, offering maximal uptime with quality infrastructure to handle all virtualization operations. You can place order from both DCs separately or can ask in instructions about your priority. Provisioning process is fast yet it can take up to 6 hours in normal circumstances.

VPS Hosting UAE

We have many things for you as alternate like VPS Hosting UAE, if you do not want to buy or continue with KSA based location then you may utilize the alternate location for having cheap virtual private server in Middle East region. From Dubai based data-center, which is even much mature and comprehensive to secure and keep your web apps up online all the time. Also, offer many custom visualization solutions so that you may deal with any kind of situation you need in the Middle East region. These Dubai based Virtual servers are redundant, reliable and with 2GBPs DDOS attack mitigation plus 100 MBPs internet connectivity. There are all available internet carrier being used to backup online facility and for power, different other options as backup are being used to offer you worry free and secure web hosting services.

VPS Hosting UAE


Fastes Cloud Nods

Totally Super hardware for top quality of cloud experience.

Upgraded & Hybrid

Utilize and select your require resources as you wish.

Ease in Arranging

Choose the extra resources you want to power uu your instance.

99.9% SLA Uptime

Internet backups to support the maximum uptime for your server.

Eager Support

We always hope for the best and deliver things in most convenient manners.

VPS Hosting Saudi Arabia

For a cool and trusted virtualization solution in Middle East, the optimal environment with great technical support is absolutely our hallmark. We have a good number of pleased customers all around the world already who are taking maximum benefits of platform to augment their business in this region. We always welcome local and international clients to host their data within Kingdom of Saudi Arabia if their business is in Middle East or especially they need to pin point the online searcher of this territory. Why, because by doing so a business website or app can load faster due to low latency, will offer a good user experience and ahead of all google search engine always like to boost locally hosted data than the data hosted somewhere else. There are huge amount of uses despite only uploading your websites, as it can be used for local mail server, proxy server or gaming server. VPS KSA are offered in both most favorite and popular Linux operating system as well as Windows server 2016 and 2019 but there will be a difference in price for windows based virtual server because its license is paid but not the free like Linux/Unix. Our all Virtual Hosting Saudi packages are quite different that the others in the market and absolutely under controlled prices, you may subscribe monthly, quarterly or annually. For any variation in available configuration, you may contact us to amend them for you and offer you a new proposal as per your desired design.

VPS Server Hosting Saudi Arabia

If you are searching for best VPS Hosting Server Saudi Arabia service providers, you have reached the right platform. We offer best server handling techniques through our 11 years of exprience in this field. We have latest operating systems and technical expertise for high pacing and unstoppable browsing of both wordpress and customized websites according to requirements of different businesses. Our focus is on reliable services and customer satisfaction and the success of your business on web is our goal.

What We Offer?

Our Vps hosting company in Saudi Arabia covers all aspects of web hosting. We deal with each of our customers individually and manage their websites with optimum level customization for progress. We help our customers in choosing right type of vps for their website and educate them when they require up gradation. We offer:

Cheap KSA vps Server

Buy Saudi Arabia vps on considerably affordable prices from us. We are offering three packages of Vps hosting in Saudi Arabia namely: standard, medium and premium. Each has different disk storage and bandwidth measure with no hidden prices. Free domain, Opensource Script Installation and installed script admin panel is offered in all packages. The email accounts and sub domains in all packages are offered in different numbers. The packages are enlisted here with prices and included services:

Saudi Arabia based vps hosting

We offer Windows vps and Linux vps hosting in Saudi Arabia both. When the traffic of your websites strikes high our well managed system does not let your website to get stuck or face hazards. We update our customers when their website requires more RAM and CPU power so that their progress remains continued. We configure your server according to the current demand of your website and offer you complete access of your server through hosting control panel. You will have super user access to add themes or plugins on your wordpress website. The default settings of our Vps hosting company in Saudi Arabia allows you script installation of Wordpress, Joomla, phpbb, opencart or magento with high speed. The packages we offer are designed to facilitate our customers. You can purchase the standards package first and upgrade to further packages as soon as your websites require more volume and speed.

Low Latency Servers

Our team offers 24/7 active server support to tackle any hacker’s attempt and answer to your queries. Living in this virtually advanced era, we are all aware of market competition and importance of hosting infrastructure for business success. The fast and secure Saudi Arabia based vps hosting of our company is making the buyers and users access to your website at maximum level with best virtual solutions.

Why Buy VPS Hosting Services?

All you have to do take a leap of faith and begin working on your virtual business dream. In case of any amendments and variation in configurations, we are at our service to deal with it immediately. You will have dedicated access to your server, quickest activation, hurdle less services in affordable prices and best quality Internet carrier in Saudi DCs.

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What is Virtual Server?

A cloud VPS is the most optimized Hosting form to acquire dedicated resources as per one's needs in the most affordable price with best uptime guarantee, utilized for both Windows and Linux OS.

Who Should Buy a VPS?

Cloud Servers are perfect for those who want to run things without the involvement of any other user and also need all the resources for their own application which would be managed and secure by their selves.

Why Should i have KSA VPS?

If you have some interest or already have worked in Saudi Arabian or Middle East Market then it is a good strategy to start form a cloud VPS which is hosted and powered from this location to obtain best results of your marketing.

What OS you Support?

In our virtualization facility we offer both main popular Linux ( CentOS, Debian, Ubuntu, Fedora) and Windows operating system so that about 99% applications can be managed through different nature of subscribers and web masters.

Can i Scale Components?

Yes, Of course, you may order additional resources Ram, Hard Disk and Bandwidth etc or can upgrade your VPS cloud at any stage, we may ask you for different options to select a convenient one to avail required resources.

What Level of Support you offer?

With virtual private servers, we offer basic level of support, can reboot or re-install your instance as per your request or may check the issue in case of any downtime or may replace the hardware if necessary.